Trearn | The world's oldest man wants to quit smoking

The world's oldest man wants to quit smoking

Freddy Bloom spent most of his life working as a farmer and in construction workshops during the apartheid regime in South Africa. His name may soon be announced as the oldest man in the world. Although he has stopped drinking alcohol for many years, he still smokes regularly. "I smoke every day two cigarettes or three cigarettes, a thousand cigarettes myself I want to smoke strong I say times I will stop, but I later discovered that I lie to myself something in my chest makes me smoke, a cigarette to blame the devil is very strong ...." . Fame and Visit of Ministers The first thing you notice when you meet a man, who is over a hundred years old, is his physical health. He is tall and burly, walking with no crutches, though slow to walk. He has no disability except for hearing loss. Freddie, 114, was born on May 8 and is believed to be the oldest in the world, although it is not officially recognized in the record book. Explain the image Some questioned his age, even extracted an identity card The figure was in the possession of a woman from Jamaica, Violet Moose Brown, but died on 15 September 2017 at the age of 117 years. The Guinness Foundation said it was investigating, with genealogists, to make sure the oldest person in the world. "There is no secret," he says, "God is the only one who has power. I have nothing of my own. I can fall at any time, but he supports me. "I feel good, my heart is strong, only my men have become weak. I no longer walk like I was." In his modest home in Cape Town, a man of celebrity is a lot of people, including ministers in the government, and he is happy with this interest. On his birthday, a local mall gave him his birthday cake. Worked until the age of eighty His wife, Janita, who is 29 years younger and lives with him for 48 years, says her husband is in good health and has only been hospitalized once for years to treat a problem in his knees

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