Trearn | Delete a new video game simulating shooting in schools

Delete a new video game simulating shooting in schools

A new video game described as a "school shooting simulator" was deleted from the Steam online gaming store before it was officially launched. Parents of actual school fire victims criticized the game and also attracted an online petition opposing the release of more than 180,000 signatures. Wolf, the owner of Steam, said it had deleted the game because its developer had a history of bad behavior. But the developer has denied involvement. There was controversy about the game "Active Shooter" after the BBC revealed that a charity to fight violence has described it last week as "shocking." CNN said later that the families of two students killed in a secondary school attack in February in the city of Parkland, Florida described the game as "despicable" and "appalling". The game also provoked the wrath of Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, which he described as "unwarranted," pointing out that the game developer should be "ashamed." Other US officials have expressed concern. The game was officially released on 6 June. The developer and publisher of the game is a person named Ata Berdyev, who has a history of offending customers and publishing copyrighted material, the statement said. "We will not negotiate with people acting in this way towards our customers or towards Volvo." The BBC contacted the publisher of the game "Active Shooter" to get a reaction to the e-mail address that he has published to answer any press inquiries. "Ata is my dear friend, but I was the one who designed the previous games, I'm still waiting for Stim's response to the whole subject," said one person who identified himself as Arthur Belkin. He also sent a Twitter account to Beardiev. The publisher denied that Beardiev was the developer of the game and declined to comment further in anticipation of an interview with the US magazine PC. The game publisher tried

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