Trearn | Watch 5 great new features in macOS Mojave

Watch 5 great new features in macOS Mojave

Apple announced macOS Mojave at WWDC on Monday, including some pretty big new features and changes. After using the developer beta over the last few days, here's AppleInsider's top five features Apple included in its next milestone release. The way Stacks groups files can be changed by right-clicking the desktop, such as to organize by Date Last Opened. You can also change how the files within each stack are sorted. When adding new files to the desktop, they'll automatically get tossed into the corresponding stack. Folders, on the other hand, go below the stacks. Clicking on a stack expands to show all of the files it contains. Files in these open stacks can also be easily dragged and dropped into apps, like Mail. Quick Look Macs have had this feature for a long time, usually triggered by hitting the spacebar when selecting a file. This time, Apple has added some really handy new features to make it more useful.

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