Trearn | No. 1 New in Madrid .. Real Deal

No. 1 New in Madrid .. Real Deal

Real Madrid announced its agreement with Chelsea, to move the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois for the club "Royal" officially, as head of the Croatian Matteo Kovasic Chelsea on loan. The 26-year-old came after Spanish goalkeeper Kebba Arisapalaga joined Chelsea on Wednesday for a record € 80 million deal. Chelsea has allowed his goalkeeper Cortois to travel to Madrid on Thursday to complete the signing and medical examination procedures, while Croatian striker Kovacech will be waiting for the Blues, Sky Sports said. Real Madrid offered Chelsea striker Matthieu Kova?ic a one-season loan and a € 39 million loan for Cortua, which Chelsea agreed to after initially refusing. Cortua has only one year left with Chelsea, which has reduced the value of the deal compared to its market value.

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