Trearn | CryptoSoul. Play game. Earn tokens.

CryptoSoul. Play game. Earn tokens.

What is CryptoSoul? It is a free-to-play online survival game. The player gets tokens for battle achievements, which are valuable in the real world. Big idea. Transform gaming model from «The player spends» to «The player earns». Our principles : 1.Free-to-play - Paid items do not influence the game balance. 2.Protection from bots - Fight against bots by using computational algorithms and the verification system. 3.Valuable game currency - Possibility to take out and use the game currency in the real world. 4.Respect to the players’ time - The player gets maximal earnings for a short gaming session. 5.Simplicity and clarity - Clear game rules and a simple system of taking out currency.

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